What is the point of spending money to take a vacation if you can’t even remember it?

I am always studying and looking for ways to apply behavioral science at work so I was intrigued when I came across a cognitive research study conducted by UT Austin and Home Away. The study shows that if we check email for just an hour per day while on vacation, we are 43% more likely to have trouble remembering our time off.

One of my ‘sand boxes’ which launched out my apartment some 20 years ago is White Lion Interactive, a digital agency helping companies grow revenue using the latest in behavioral science, engaging design, and marketing technologies.

This year at White Lion we launched Operation Vacation Salvation.

Some may say the operation is a little radical – I say it is critically needed. The big idea centers around coming back from vacation refreshed and ready to innovate and deliver your best work immediately rather than being buried in a landslide of emails.

Learn more about Operation Vacation Salvation and get detailed checklist for how to enact the approach in your organization as well as an out-office email template.

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