There are a plethora of productivity tools out there.

And we can waste A LOT of time trying them all out.

In our quest for more time to do the work that matters, we need to find the productivity tools that are right for us and our workflow.

I have taken the time to try out new tools. Take a look into my tool kit and see my top choices.

In 1-Minute Productivity 22, I share the carefully vetted tools in my ‘Productivity Stack.’

Productivity Tip: Keep your productivity tools current without going overboard. Be careful not to change out all of your tools the moment a shiny new one comes out. Instead, dip your toe in the water and experiment first, which will quickly show if a new tool has your needed capabilities.

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Video Transcript

Below is the full video transcript, for those who prefer to read.

What are my ‘must have’ productivity tools for getting my work done efficiently and effectively?

Hi, I’m Steve Kahle – Welcome to 1-Minute Productivity, Episode 22!

I use Outlook for work email, calendar and tasks and Gmail for personal email which is configured through Outlook.

Here are a few reasons why:

Outlook email has an edge with First-In-First-Out capabilities.

Outlook tasks are used for business and personal items as the ability to convert emails into a task and the categorization and display customization is powerful.

The Outlook Calendar, allows time planning down to 5-minute increments which is useful when visualizing and measuring time.

Elon Musk is a fan of 5-minute increments.

I use the Chrome browser and like using these four productivity boosting extensions:

1. Grammarly for spelling and grammar
2. ‘Copy as Plain Text’ for faster editing of content
3. ‘Share Link via Email’ for easily sharing web sites
4. ‘Evernote Web Clipper’ for tagging web pages as I use Evernote for notes.

Also, Captio is a must for ‘on the go’ notes.

I recommend Trello for meeting, content and simple project planning.

What are your key ‘must have’ productivity tools? Let me know!

Thank you for tuning in and I will see you on the next 1-Minute Productivity!

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