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  • Each video is packed with practical tips and strategies that you can employ immediately to help you regain control of your time, focus and energy.
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Tired of being overwhelmed, stressed and reactive at work?

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Meet Steve, the productivity strategist behind the content and find out how the 1-Minute Productivity video series can improve your approach to work.

Practical and tactical productivity tips, frameworks and methodologies you can implement immediately


Most professionals struggle to find time to work on what matters most—the work that moves your career and aspirations forward. Learn about key moves elite professionals use to focus on career-building work.


How can we do our best work when we are relentlessly distracted? Find out what science is saying about the state of the distracted mind and the workplace—and what to do about it.


Let's stop being tired all of the time. Tips on how high achievers keep their energy burning clean throughout the workday AND with enough in the tanks when they go home to their friends and family.


Are you overwhelmed with your inbox and email demands? Learn practical ways to finally slay your blown up inbox—and then master it for good!


Really—what should we work on next? Learn how to best manage your tasks to focus your mind and get the right work done.


So much time is wasted in poorly structured meetings! Learn how to design your meetings for success.


It's all about applying the right productivity knowledge with the right tools. Learn about some of the leading productivity tools, so you can do your best work, more efficiently and effectively.

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How to Have Meetings Designed to Deliver



A Simple Email Tip to Help You Create More Time

The way we approach work is unsustainable, unhealthy and it is making us unhappy. Let's change this!

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"Steve's deep knowledge and practical training and application of leading productivity concepts are transforming my approach to work and the way my team collaborates and prioritizes the work that matters. I am leaving behind what Steve calls the 'Reactive Lane' and spending more time in the 'Proactive Lane.' Any chance to hear from Steve is guaranteed to be a great investment of your time."

Neville Letzerich

Chief Marketing Officer at HotSchedules

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